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Wall St for Main St is a start up investor education, financial education, research and consulting company. We provide alternative financial information, research, education and consulting to Main Street investors using uncommon wisdom like the Austrian School of Economics. Our goal is teaching people how to fish for themselves instead of trusting their financial adviser for everything. We interview top investors, traders, money managers, financial commentators, economic experts, authors, CEOs and newsletter writers from around the world to discuss the latest events in the global economy and financial markets.
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Apr 1, 2017

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed returning guest, hedge fund manager Kevin Duffy of Bearing Asset Management Kevin has over 30 years of experience working in the financial industry and over 20 years of experience successfully shorting stocks. Kevin runs his hedge fund with partner, Bill Laggner.

Kevin's Twitter handle: @kevinduffy1929

Dave Kranzler article on potential black swans:

During this 40+ minute interview, Kevin discusses the presentation he gave a few weeks ago at Jim Grant's, Grant's Interest Rate Observer Investment Conference called, "Mr. Market Flunks the Marshmallow Test."

Jason asks Kevin about current stock market valuations relative to historical stock market valuations, why retail is crashing, and the damage artificially low interest rates have done.

Feb 25, 2017

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed returning guest, former long time Wall St bond trader, gold hedge fund manager, investment analyst/newsletter writer and co-host with Rory Hall of the Shadow of Truth podcast, Dave Kranzler.

Dave writes the Mining Stock Journal and the Short Seller's Journal paid newsletters.

During this 40+ minute interview, Jason starts off by asking Dave the probability of a March rate hike by Janet Yellen and the Federal Reserve and also the probability of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates 3 times in 2017?

Dave thinks the Fed will do one token, quarter point interest rate increase like they did in 2015 and 2016.

Jason and Dave discuss why Deutsche Bank turning over so much evidence proving gold and silver manipulation from a conspiracy theory into a conspiracy fact has hardly moved the price?

Dave talks about Alan Greenspan now saying the US should go back onto a gold standard.

To wrap up the interview, Jason asks Dave how he researches Junior mining stocks and junior explorers to find quality speculations that can produce hundreds of percent returns in 2-3 years or less.

Feb 13, 2017
Frank Curzio: Wait to Add to Gold Stock Positions On The Next Dip

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed returning guest, stock analyst, stock newsletter writer and investing podcast host, Frank Curzio

Frank's full bio is available here:

Frank's Wall Street Unplugged podcast is one of the top investing podcasts on iTunes.

During this 40+ minute interview, Jason asks Frank about valuations on large cap stocks, which industries will be positively affected by Donald Trump as US President and which resource stock industries he likes.

Jun 26, 2016
Kevin Duffy: Shorting Ideas Preparing For All Bubbles To Burst

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St had on returning guest, hedge fund manager Kevin Duffy of Bearing Asset Management to talk about shorting stocks.

Kevin wanted to come back on for another interview because he didn't get to discuss his expertise, shorting stocks. Kevin has been shorting stocks professionally for over 20 years.

Jason starts off the interview by asking Kevin about the Brexit vote to leave and what it means for European banks and the British Pound?

Jason and Kevin talk about the continued, worsening intervention of central planners into markets and how even if the UK leaves the EU completely, that the politicians, bureaucrats, central planners and central bankers in the UK will still continue monetary and fiscal policies that will probably make their economy worse.

Kevin talks about the massive government bond bubble and the problems with negative interest rates.

Jason then asks Kevin about the short selling philosophy of famous investor and short seller, Jim Chanos

Jason talks about Jim Chanos' short selling checklist. Chanos looks for companies or industries:

1) Credit Booms That Go Bust
2) Obsolete Technologies like Kodak
3) Companies with too much debt on balance sheet
4) Fraudulent accounting like from Enron

Here's some additional articles about the stocks Jim Chanos is short and how he finds shorting opportunities:


Jason and Kevin discuss different industries to potentially short including copper, oil, European banks, home builders, etc

Jason also asks Kevin about the recent Tesla Motors/Solar City deal.

Jun 17, 2016
Helen Davis Chaitman: JP Morgan Knew About Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme From Beginning?

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed first time guest, lawyer & Co-Author of JPMadoff: The Unholy Alliance between America's Biggest Bank and America's Biggest Crook Helen Davis Chaitman.

Helen's book can be purchased here:

During this 25+ minute interview, Jason starts off by asking Helen about her background and how she got involved with the Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme case?

Helen admits she was an investor with Madoff and that she lost all of her liquid assets when Madoff's Ponzi Scheme fell apart. Helen talks about her difficult fight to get her money back.

She started working for free to help other Madoff victims repair their lives during the 2008 crisis as many of her litigation cases against banks were not moving forward and protected by big government and both political parties.

Helen even spoke to Bernie Madoff himself in multiple phone conversations after his Ponzi scheme collapsed and Madoff revealed to Helen that JP Morgan knew about this epic fraud scheme the entire time! Helen found out from Madoff himself how he kept $3-$6 billion in cash all the time in his account at JP Morgan Chase!

Helen talks about how banks received $34 trillion in aid from the Federal Reserve and the US government during the 2008 financial crisis and up to present day.

Jason and Helen discuss how banks are manipulating other markets like LIBOR, gold, silver and other commodities and why the US government won't prosecute any banking executives or other white collar criminals?

To hear more about Helen's fight against JP Morgan, the total corruption of the financial system and Helen's fight to get her money back, please listen AND share this interview!

Jun 11, 2016
Kevin Duffy: Historically Unprecedented Global Bond Bubble Still Growing

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St welcomed first time guest, hedge fund manager Kevin Duffy of Bearing Asset Management. Kevin runs his hedge fund with Bill Laggner and they use the Austrian School of Economics at their hedge fund for different insights in markets and the global economy.

During this 30+ minute interview, Jason asks Kevin about:

• How did you find the Austrian School of Economics and what advantages do you think it provides for looking at markets?

• What investors do you pay attention to and how would you describe your investing methodology?

• Your hedge fund that you run with Bill Laggner didn’t do well at all from 2013-2015. What lessons did you learn from your mistakes and, in hindsight, why do you think markets acted differently than you expected?

• Why do you think the stock market hasn't crashed yet?

• What's your view on the global economy? Do you think a strong US Dollar can potentially collapse the global economy if the Dollar had continued to strengthen?

Kevin answers these questions and also gives our listeners some industries to research for investment during the interview.

May 22, 2016
May 2016: Reviewing Our January 2016 Report

Jason Burack and Mo Dawoud of Wall St for Main St did a review of how 2016 is playing out and how accurate their report they released in January 2016 is.

Jason and Mo discuss value investing, investing in resource stocks and also what's really going on in the global economy.

If you would like to donate fiat, Bitcoin or Bitgold please go to our website!

Jan 13, 2016
Dave Collum: 2015 Review; Bond Markets Will Reset in 2016?

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed returning guest, Cornell University Chemistry professor, Dave Collum. Every year, Dave writes an extensive report reviewing the year and a preview of the year to come.

Dave's 2015 review 2016 preview can be found here:

The report is also available on Zero Hedge.

During this 40+ minute interview, Jason asks Dave to summarize in a few sentences markets in 2015. Dave talks about how confusing markets are becoming and how it is difficult for value investors looking for quality but cheap valuation stocks that are not resource stocks.

Jason says how he sees a lot of value in oil and energy companies and Dave and him discuss the oil markets and shale oil's potential to become the next major global crisis.

Dave thinks all bond markets are going to need a "reset" in the near future.

Next, Dave talks about the junk bond and bond markets and how the global debt binge keeps rising.

Jason asks Dave if the Federal Reserve will try more token interest rate increases in the near future and Dave calls the Federal Reserve, "cowardly."

Jason and Dave discuss asset price inflation and whether people on Wall St count that as evidence of inflation?

Jason asks Dave about his writing about the "War on Cash" in his report. Dave thinks the banksters want to control everything and that's why the war on cash is occurring.

Jason asks Dave about his experiences as a college professor at a prestigious Ivy League school and if his university is restricting free speech?

To wrap up the interview, Jason and Dave discuss the upcoming 2016 presidential election in the US and discuss Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the 2 front runners right now in the polls.

Oct 20, 2015

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St had on returning guest, entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Pure Funds, Andrew Chanin to talk about his success as an entrepreneur, his ETFs, the gold and silver markets and technologies like cyber security, mobile payments and big data where he recently launched ETFs.

Andrew's company has become a great success and a pioneer innovator in exchange traded funds (ETFs) since its inception in 2010. His entrepreneurial success story was recently featured in a Bloomberg article:

Learn about Andrew's path to success and his innovative ETFs in this 30+ minute interview!

Jun 17, 2015
Louis Basenese: Technology Innovation Accelerating

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St had on first time guest, technology analyst, investor and founder of Disruptive Tech Research, Louis Basenese. 

Louis' full bio can be found here:

During this 30+ minute interview, Jason asks Louis about the 3d printing industry and why despite the many cool news stories coming out about new uses for 3 printing how the 3d printing stocks continue to fall. 

Louis expects further consolidation in the industry along with M&A from larger tech giants like HP to look into buying 3d printing companies in the near future. 

Next, Jason and Louis discuss robotics and whether the world has entered the golden age of robotics. 

Jason and Louis talk about investing opportunities in robotics as well as what types of jobs the robotics industry could potentially replace quickly. 

After robotics, Jason asks Louis about cyber security. Louis says it's good news for cyber security companies with all the news stories of hacks and data breaches seemingly not stopping in the news. Louis thinks companies will have to keep increasing their budgets for cyber security protection and thinks there's a large bull market there will lots of good investments. 

Jason then asks Louis about virtual reality and the Oculus Rift VR headset that will be included in X Box One. 

Louis thinks VR headsets will be used for more than just next generation video games. 

Drones, Driver-less Cars, Bitcoin and the Block Chain technology are also discussed and Jason wraps up the interview by asking Louis what are some his his favorite most disruptive technologies for the next five years? 

Louis says we will be harnessing Nicola Tesla's technology to charge wirelessly from 10-30 feet away in as soon as 1-2 years. 

Jun 8, 2015
Jason Hamlin: Precious Metal Stocks Most Undervalued Sector

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St had on Jason Hamlin, editor of Gold Stock Bull to talk about precious metals, precious metal mining stocks and where else he sees good investments in the markets right now. 

Here's Jason Hamlin's full bio: Jason Hamlin is the founder of Gold Stock Bull. Mr. Hamlin has a background analyzing charts and trends for the world’s largest market research company, is versed in fundamental and technical analysis and has consulted to Fortune 500 companies around the globe. Jason is a cycles investor, student of Austrian economics and speaks regularly at investment conferences throughout North America. The Gold Stock Bull newsletter is focused on finding junior mining companies that are undervalued relative to their peers.

During this 20+ minute interview, Jason asks Jason about the long and painful correction in gold price and if he thinks the cyclical bear market is coming to an end based on his cycles research. 

Jason thinks gold has bottomed or is very close to bottoming and Jason discusses why he thinks gold stocks have bottomed. 

Jason asks Jason how long gold and silver miners can continue to produce at a loss when limited to no capital is available?

Jason Hamlin gives some gold stock picks along with some other interesting stock picks in other commodities sectors. 

Jason also discusses technology and why he likes cyber security stocks a lot long term. 

Apr 15, 2015
Jason Kelly: The 3% Signal

Wall St for Main St interviewed best  selling author and newsletter writer, Jason Kelly. Jason recently published a new book The 3% Signal. In this podcast, we discussed the Japanese economy, the stock market and bond market in Japan and how the Fukushima crisishas affected Japan. Plus we will go into detail about Jason's unique investing strategy from his new book. Plus much more!

Be sure to check out Jason's new book at

Mar 22, 2015
David McAlvany: Emerging Markets Are the New Sub Prime?

Jason Burack and John Manfreda of Wall St for Main St had on returning guest David McAlvany of McAlvany Financial and the famous McAlvany Weekly Commentary

David is a 2nd generation money manager and David's father, Don, was the first American to start selling precious metals when the ban was lifted in 1974 during the last major gold bull market.

Mar 4, 2015
Jim Rodgers:  A Bull Market in North Korea is Coming

John Manfreda and Mo Dawoud had on returning guest Jim Rogers author of Street Smarts - Adventures on the Road and in the Markets. We discussed North Korea, Agriculture, Organic farming, Currency Wars, the Swiss and Euro depeg, Net Neutrality, the Oil Crash, financial warfare, and other topics.