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Wall St for Main St is a start up investor education, financial education, research and consulting company. We provide alternative financial information, research, education and consulting to Main Street investors using uncommon wisdom like the Austrian School of Economics. Our goal is teaching people how to fish for themselves instead of trusting their financial adviser for everything. We interview top investors, traders, money managers, financial commentators, economic experts, authors, CEOs and newsletter writers from around the world to discuss the latest events in the global economy and financial markets.
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Aug 29, 2015
Jim Willie: Coming Oil Bust Bigger Than Sub Prime Collapse

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St had on returning guest, editor of the Hat Trick Letter, Jim Willie. 

Jim has been writing his newsletter about the global economy, gold, etc for over a decade and has had many successful predictions years in advance including predicting the 2008 collapse of US banks. 

During this hour+ long interview, Jason starts off by asking Jim if China is planning additional retaliation against the US after their couple of devaluations against the US Dollar for the RMB not being allowed into the SDR?

Jim says the RMB will never be allowed into the SDR. 

Next, Jason asks Jim why do you think China, Russia and the BRICs haven't pulled the plug yet and what steps do you think need to be taken before they do it?

Jim says China is currently dumping massive amounts of US Treasuries and they are requiring the RMB for trade settlement. 

Next, Jason asks Jim about why the oil price is falling and if the Saudis or OPEC hired Wall St to intentionally short the paper oil market? 

Jim thinks the Saudis and OPEC are pushing the oil price down to bankrupt US shale oil companies and also punish the US banks who loaned money and underwrote hedges for the US shale producers. 

Jim thinks the coming oil bust will not be contained and will be bigger than the US sub prime mortgage and housing crisis that spread into the US banking system, into all US real estate and across the globe. 

Next, Jason asks Jim about evidence of developing shortages in the physical silver market. Jim says the shortages will get worse as Wall St banks are destroying the precious metals mining sector. 

Jason and Jim discuss whether the covert price manipulation of silver is like a government mandated price control.

After that, Jason asks Jim about US Secretary of State John Kerry's comments about the US Dollar losing its sole World Reserve Currency (WRC) status and why a high level US politician would admit that in public?

To wrap up the interview, Jason asks Jim about Donald Trump, the Federal Reserve's bloated, growing balance sheet and if they are trapped and can ever raise interest rates and the gold market. 

Jason asks Jim why mainstream, Progressive billionaires like Stanley Druckenmiller are buying gold for the first time in their lives and why China only reported an increase in its gold holdings of 1600 tons?

Jim Willie says we are in the 9th inning of the current financial system and global economy before the next global economic system is put into place. 

Aug 29, 2015
David Jensen: ZIRP Leading to Collapse, Much Higher Gold & Silver Prices

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed returning guest, precious metals expert David Jensen who owns a private mining company and also is a paid consultant in the precious metals mining industry. 

During this 50+ minute interview, Jason asks David about his views about the global economy. David talks about the consequences of zero interest rate policy or ZIRP caused by governments using financial repression to manipulate interest rates. 
David talks about John Exeter's inverse expansion pyramid and the importance of gold during an economic collapse because of no counter party risk from owning metal. 

David and Jason discuss inflation, deflation, base metals and the employment situation in the US.

To wrap up the interview, Jason asks David a lot of questions about the gold and silver markets and also gold and silver miners. 

They discuss a COMEX default, if it's possible for silver shortages and how much money gold and silver miners are losing. 

Aug 22, 2015
Michael Lebowitz: Has the Devaluation Carousel Come Off its Tracks?

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St had on first time guest, the founder and managing partner of 720 Global, Michael Lebowitz, CFA. (Chartered Financial Analyst) 

Michael's articles appear on Zero Hedge and he has previously worked in the financial industry trading bonds and derivatives at Fannie Mae for 15 years including during the 2008 financial crisis and he also ran a very successful investment firm for 8 years. 

During this 30+ minute interview, Jason asks Michael about his recent articles that have appeared on Zero Hedge about share buybacks. Michael calls them fraudulent. 

Jason and Michael discuss all the misallocations of capital in the economy. 

Jason and Michael have a long discussion about the current macroeconomic situation, deflation, inflation and currency wars. 

Michael is more of a deflationist right now although Jason got him to admit his bills are rising on many everyday items along with his property taxes. 

To wrap up the interview, Jason asks Michael would investors should be doing right now to protect themselves?

Aug 22, 2015
Jeffrey Tucker: Bitcoin Is Replacing Precious Metals As Safe Haven

Wall St for Main St interviewed Jeffrey Tucker, who is the Chief Liberty Officer and Founder of In this podcast, we discussed the growing popularity of Bitcoin and he thinks Bitcoin will replace gold/silver as the safe haven for Main Street. We also talked about the debate of minimum wage, income inequality, his article on Donald Trump that went viral and much more! 

Aug 20, 2015
Silver Doctor: Physical Silver Shortage Developing?

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St had on returning guest "Doc" from Silver Doctors to talk about his article about a potential wholesale silver shortage. 

Here's the link to his article: so you can come to your own conclusions. 

During this 25+ minute interview, Jason asks Doc about the journey of silver and gold from the mine site to bars and coins at the bullion dealer. 

Then, they discuss Doc's controversial article about a potential shortage. 

Doc thinks through his sources there's evidence of a developing shortage. 

He thinks sentiment levels for precious metals are much worse than 2008. 

Jason and Doc discuss whether silver can ever be in a shortage and also discuss the supply/demand fundamentals of physical metal instead of the paper price. 

Aug 18, 2015
Welcome to Dystopia Episode 6 w/ Kerry Lutz: Can't Accurately Predict When SHTF

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St and co-host of the Welcome to Dystopia podcast, independent financial and geopolitical analyst, and the managing editor of The News Doctors, Eric Dubin, had on former successful lawyer and entrepreur and current host of the very popular Financial Survival Network show, Kerry Lutz for this week's show.

Financial Survival Network has over 14 million downloads on iTunes in only a few years since it was started. 

During this new episode of Welcome to Dystopia, Jason asks Kerry about how he found the Austrian School of Economics and became a Libertarian when he was a successful lawyer in NYC. 

Kerry talks about the Austrian School Economics and then Jason asks him about the problems with today's legal system. 

Kerry thinks the legal system continues to spiral out of control with power and corruption and is a symptom of the decline in the US. 

Jason asks Kerry about inflation and deflation and if he's surprised TPTB have been able to prevent another collapse for so long after 2008. Kerry says he's been very surprised and that it's impossible to accurately predict when the SHTF so people should prepare ahead of time. 

To wrap up the interview, Jason and Eric ask Kerry about how people can survive and thrive in this environment and solutions for people who can't afford to buy lots of different types of investments and inflation hedges to protect themselves and their families from what is to come. 

Nominees for Scumbag of the Week:
1) The EPA for possibly intentionally dumping 3 million gallons of toxic sludge containing lead and arsenic into the Animas River in Colorado to gain extra Superfund cleanup money

2) Many 20 something female teachers in the the US who are now getting caught having sex with 15 and 16 year old boys (there's at least a few of these cases per month now all over the US according to the NY Post stories and other sources)

3) AT&T for being so eager to screw over its customers to help the NSA according to new info from Edward Snowden

Aug 17, 2015
Dr. Kent Moors: OPEC Sovereign Wealth Funds Shorting Oil

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St had on returning guest, oil and energy expert Dr. Kent Moors.

Dr. Moors has over 30 years of experience working in the oil and energy industries in many different positions as well as a consultant for big oil companies, oil producing countries, etc.

He's invited to important oil meetings in London, Dubai, etc. 

During this 40+ minute discussion about the oil market, Dr. Moors says there's absolutely ZERO evidence that oil demand has collapsed but rather that there's a small over supply of oil and he also drops a bombshell that the sovereign wealth funds of Saudi Arabia and other key OPEC countries have been shorting the paper oil price to try and bankrupt higher cost and debt laden US shale oil producers so OPEC and the Saudis can regain market share. 

Wall St then jumped on the trade on the short side and is convinced that oil will go much lower from these levels. Dr. Moors thinks many higher cost, bad balance sheet oil producers can survive maybe another 3 months of low prices before there's supply problems. 

Dr. Moors also reveals how many US shale oil producers were financed with similar collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) to sub prime housing! 

Oil demand is still also strong with 3% growth in car sales in China (down from 7% projected car sales growth which would have meant 25 million new cars on the road in 2015 in China alone) along with around 75 million new cars being added to the global fleet in 2015. 

Here's his latest free article on the oil market from last week:

He also has a paid oil and energy newsletter. 

The oil market is extensively discussed in great detail in this podcast along with natural gas. 

Aug 16, 2015
Woody O'Brien: Entitlement Culture Destroying the US

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St had on first time guest, former Wall St economist and money manager, Woody O'Brien.

Woody is now a farmer in West Virginia where he also pays attention to commodities markets and invests in commodities and Woody has woken up to the Austrian School of Economics and is a Libertarian.

During this 50+ minute interview, Jason asks Woody about his background and how he woke up. Woody says he was working on Wall St as an economist and a money manager when the technology bubble and 9/11 happened and he began asking honest questions the government was intentionally not answering. 

Woody talks about taxes and precious metals, about how government forces the taxpayer to pay for a bunch of things and entitlements that creates very bad incentives for people in the the US. 

Jason asks Woody about commodities and for how long so many commodities can sell below the cost of farmers, miners, etc?

To wrap up the interview, Jason and Woody discuss inflation and deflation and how much longer the status quo can continue. 

Aug 15, 2015
Dan Collins: Financial Repression Is Coming In China

Wall St for Main St interviewed Dan Collins, the Editor of The China Money Report. There are a lot of current events occurring in China, so we wanted you to have insights and analysis from Dan, who lives in China. In this podcast, we discussed the Yuan devaluation, currency wars, financial repression, China stock market meltdown, gold demand in China and much more! 

Aug 12, 2015
G Edward Griffin: Big Ideological Battle Taking Place

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St had on first time guest, American author, lecturer, and filmmaker, G Edward Griffin http://www.freedomforceinternational.... He is the author of the popular book, The Creature from Jekyll Island which was published in 1994. 

His full bio can be found here:

During this 30+ minute interview, Jason asks G Edward Griffin about when things really started to go badly in the US and if 1913 marked a key historical point? 

Griffin says the US Constitution was flawed and yet the US prospered for many, many years until collectivism started to massively accelerate during the Woodrow Wilson era. 

Jason then asks Griffin about Keynesian Economics and if deflation will be allowed for a long period of time?

Griffin says there's a big, important ideological battle going on now between collectivism and people who oppose it. 

Aug 10, 2015
Robert Rapier: $50/Barrel Oil Not Sustainable

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St had on returning guest, oil and energy expert Robert Rapier

Robert has over 20 years of experience working in the oil and energy industry and has been a successful oil and energy investor for many years as well.

During this 20+ minute interview they discuss the supply/demand fundamentals of oil, Petro Bras, shale producers surviving low prices, oil companies cutting dividends and also large oil companies dramatically writing down their oil reserves in the near future. 

Robert just put out a new article about oil companies writing down reserves:

To wrap up the interview, Jason and Robert discuss the natural gas market, nuclear power and where is the best places to invest in oil and energy right now.

Aug 5, 2015
Welcome to Dystopia Episode 5 w/ Bill Murphy: Silver Shortages In The Fall?

Jason Burack and Eric Dubin are back for Episode #5 of the Welcome to Dystopia podcast! Today's special guest is Chairman of the Gold Anti-Trust Action (GATA) Committee, Bill Murphy. Bill also runs the popular investing website and newsletter at Le Metropole Cafe

In this episode of Welcome to Dystopia, Eric and Jason ask Bill about the macroeconomic situation. 

Bill agrees with Bill Gross that all markets are manipulated. 

Next, Jason asks Bill about the gold and silver markets and how he discovered they were manipulated. 

Martin Armstrong's track record for market calls is also discussed.

Bill has heard from his extensive list of bullion dealer contacts that there may be a large physical shortage of silver starting to appear before the end of the fall. This is for larger orders of physical silver.