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Wall St for Main St is a start up investor education, financial education, research and consulting company. We provide alternative financial information, research, education and consulting to Main Street investors using uncommon wisdom like the Austrian School of Economics. Our goal is teaching people how to fish for themselves instead of trusting their financial adviser for everything. We interview top investors, traders, money managers, financial commentators, economic experts, authors, CEOs and newsletter writers from around the world to discuss the latest events in the global economy and financial markets.
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Oct 20, 2016
Doug Casey: Why Africa Is The Place To Start a Business for Entreprenuers

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Wall St for Main St welcome back Doug Casey! He is an speculator, entrepreneur, libertarian philosopher and co-author of a new novel called Speculator.

Be sure to check out Doug's new book on Amazon!

What did we talk about?

1. We asked why Doug thought the Greater Depression will be worse that he thought after releasing his article on International Man web site.

2. How the central banks money printing is now a loss cause and putting the millennial in a rough patch to make it on their own in this economic environment.

3. Discussed Deutsche Bank and if the derivative in their books ($46 trillion) is a cause for concern if the bank collapse.

4. Why he thought Gold/silver bottomed in late 2015 and what made him decide to jump back in.

5. We get his thoughts on the election and the Clintons. Doug was classmate with Bill Clinton at Georgetown University.

6. Discussed Doug's new novel called Speculator and why he picked Africa as the setting for this book.

Oct 18, 2016
Jerry Robinson: Dow Jones/S&P 500 Are Showing Signs Of Market Top

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Wall St For Main St welcome back trend trader and economist, Jerry Robinson. He is also the editor of Follow The Money Daily.

To find out about Jerry's work, go to

What did we talk about?

1. How the tension between the U.S. and Saudi will affect the Petrodollar?

2. Why there has not been any economic shock from the collapse of Deutsche Bank?

3. Technical analysis on the gold/silver market and what lies ahead.

4. Technical analysis on the Dow Jones and SP 500. Are we seeing a top in the market?

Plus much more!

Oct 13, 2016
Mike Maloney: Nothing Will Stop The Federal Reserve From Buying Stocks w/ New Currency

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed first time guest, founder & CEO of respected bullion dealer, Gold Silver, Mike Maloney.

Mike is also the author of, The Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver Mike created the wildly popular, Hidden Secrets of Money video series on YouTube where his YouTube channel has over 30 million views and over 195k subscribers worldwide.

During this 30+ minute interview, Jason starts off by asking Mike about what crazy schemes central bankers will try to boost velocity of money?

Mike talks about the velocity of money and how it was discussed in his newly released Episode #7 of his popular Hidden Secrets of Money video series. Mike says negative interest rates are one way central bankers are trying to get people to stop saving and to spend more.

Mike talks about deflation and how baby boomers are trying to pay down debt and will probably have to sell assets to fund their retirement.

Jason then asks Mike about if the Federal Reserve will continue to lobby for permission from Congress to start buying stocks. Mike says there will be basically nothing to stop them from doing so in the future and Mike points to Ben Bernanke's 2002 Helicopter Money speech.

Jason and Mike discuss what deflation would mean for asset prices and the global economy and how if oil prices went below $29/barrel to say $10/barrel it would potentially cause war or other major geopolitical problems as well as bankrupting every single oil producer.

To wrap up the interview, Jason asks Mike a handful (thanks to the dozens of listeners who submitted questions!) of listener questions.

Listener Questions Answered During the Interview:
1) From Eric- Should we be optimistic that gold/silver price manipulation will end soon?
2) Multiple Listeners Asked Mike- Do you own any gold & silver mining shares?
3) From Corey- What do you think is the next world reserve currency? Will it be the SDR?
4) NB- Historically,when a currency hyperinflates there has been a viable alternative for capital to run to. If the US Dollar hyperinflates, what asset has the market depth to accommodate a ~$200 trillion capital inflow?

Oct 8, 2016
Phil Kennedy: Biggest Fraud is The Federal Reserve

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed returning guest, author of Financial Judo, Phil Kennedy of Kennedy Financial

Phil's YouTube channel is here:

Phil and his brother John have a weekly show on their YouTube channel and also make cool videos including this one about Bernie Sanders' new lake house:

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During this 40+ minute interview, Jason starts off by asking Phil about the upcoming US Presidential election and how it was affect the real US economy on Main St?

Phil says it doesn't really matter much who wins because the damage has already been done (by the Federal Reserve and others).

Jason and Phil talk about many hypocrites in society and also the student loan debt crisis.

To wrap up the interview, they talk about gold, silver and precious metals shares.

Sep 27, 2016
Jason Stapleton: The Global Banking Crisis Will Sink The Economy Further Down

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Wall St for Main St welcome Jason Stapleton, who is a currency trader, libertarian podcast host and founder of Trade Empowered.

For more information on his podcast, go to

For more information on his currency trading education company, go to

What did we talk about?

1. We went into Jason's background and discussed how he became a libertarian and a currency trader. As a former U.S. Marine, we also looked at how the U.S. foreign policies has caused more instability in the Middle East and a hotbed for extremism.

2. Jason give advice to people that are hesitant to try currency trading and how they can master it with a good systematic approach. Plus we looked into the current state of the currency market.

3. What will be the outcome for the money printing to keep the banks from going bankrupt in the U.S., Eurozone and in China?

4. The Federal Reserve decision not to raise the rate. If you look at the big picture, it is easy to understand why they can't raise rate.

5. The current state of the Libertarian Party and how they missed their golden opportunity to increase exposure on the idea of liberty and free market.

Sep 20, 2016
Dr. Pippa Malmgren: Signals = Central Bankers Desperate For Inflation to Fight Deflation

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed returning guest, Dr. Pippa Malmgren to talk about her new book, Signals: How Everyday Signs Can Help Us Navigate the World's Turbulent Economy

Pippa is the founder of DRPM Group and she is also CEO of a new venture, a drone/unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) company.

Jason starts off the interview by asking Pippa about her book Signals and how she talks at length in the book how Wall Street and the Federal Reserve have an a religious belief in mathematical economic models that are clearly broken.

Jason asks Pippa if negative interest rate policy was in her central banking textbook?

Pippa talks about how the Federal Reserve and other central banks will continue to come up with crazier and crazier policies in order to get more and more inflation.

Jason and Pippa discuss why DC politicians and central bankers believe in intervention and the real world solutions to an improving economy lie in small business and entrepreneurship.

Sep 20, 2016
David Morgan: Federal Reserve Is Out of Ammo To Prop Up The Economy

Wall St for Main St welcomed back David Morgan, he is the editor of The Morgan Report and CEO of Lemuria Royalties.

For more information on The Morgan Report go to,

For more information on Lemuria Royalties, go to

What did we talk about?

1. The possibility that the Federal Reserve will implement negative interest rate.

2. Does the Federal Reserve have anymore tools at their disposal to prop up the economy?

3. Can the Dow Jones hit 20,000 before the end of the year?

4. The state of the capital market for the mining stocks as gold and silver prices are up 30% this year.

5. Are the gold and silver stocks in overbought territory as many stocks are over 200% this year?

Plus much more!

Sep 15, 2016
David McAlvany: All Markets Are On Monetary Life Support

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed returning guest, the CEO of the McAlvany group of companies ( )and the host of the superb McAlvany Weekly Commentary podcast about investing and the economy, David McAlvany.

During this 30+ minute interview, Jason starts off by asking David about the cashless society, war on cash, financial repression and negative interest rate policy that academic PhD Keynesian Economists and central bankers are discussing and implementing.

Harvard Economists Larry Summers and Ken Rogoff (who has a new book out called The Curse of Cash want to eliminate all cash including $10, $20 and $100 bills!

Crazy articles like this Bloomberg Op Ed piece are now coming out saying how the free market would support deeply negative interest rates

David just interviewed Carmen Reinhart for this week's McAlvany Weekly Commentary about this very subject. His interview of Reinhart is over an hour and well worth your time to understand what the academics and political elites have planned for us!

Jason and David discuss what negative interest rates and trying to eliminate cash means (way less freedom for everyone) and they discuss how desperate governments are now and how they will become more desperate.

Jason asks 2 listened questions about China and also about what a global economic reset will look like to wages, prices and mortgages?

To wrap up the interview, Jason asks David about why he thinks the rally in gold and silver and precious metal mining shares started in December 2015.

Sep 6, 2016
Eric Hadik: Precious Metals Market Taps The Break While Euro Crisis is Near

Wall St for Main St welcomed back Eric Hadik, who is the editor of InsiideTrack.

For more information about Eric's work, go to

Here is the topics discussed in this podcast.

1. What will happen in the gold and silver market for the rest of the 2016 after the run up that lasted into early July.

2. The Euro and British Pound will soon drop off as the banking crisis and Brexit disrupt the economy in Europe and the U.K.

3. How negative interest rate will affect the bond market. Are we close to seeing a bottom in the interest rate?

4. The crude oil prices dropping again in 2016 is possible. We could see all time lows in crude oil prices.

Sep 3, 2016
Welcome to Dystopia Episode 27: Broken Economy, Healthcare & Media

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St and managing editor of The News Doctors and independent financial journalist, Eric Dubin are back for Episode #27 of Welcome to Dystopia.

to start the show, Jason and Eric discuss the latest jobs numbers and how that applies to reality. Eric thinks the market shook off the numbers and started to put a bottom in for gold, silver and mining shares after the jobs report was released.

Jason and Eric discuss how the short correction in gold and silver may be over.

Jason and Eric discuss how broken models and bad academic theories are making the real economy way worse! Jason and Eric name a bunch of current events and examples from academic Keynesian economists and members of the Federal Reserve desperate to tinker with the economy further for dire consequences for people on Main St.

​The long-heralded The Curse of Cash by prominent Harvard professor and former IMF chief economist Ken Rogoff is now in bookstores. This proto-fascist screed argues for the elimination of all $100, $20, and even $10 bills so that criminals will have a more difficult time doing business and all ordinary citizens would eventually have to use electronic cards to may all payments, transfers, etc. and so that central banks will be able more effectively to carry on their various schemes of ZIRP, NIRP, etc.

Jason says the global economy is one giant economic minefield where some mines are visible for people to see the dangers and some mines are slightly below the surface and people can't see.

Jason and Eric discuss the broken economy, the broken healthcare system, the broken (corrupt) mainstream media and broken academic theories and models during this longer than usual show.

Scumbag Nominees:
1) Huffington Post for firing David Seaman for writing an article about the health of Hillary Clinton
2) The USDA for agreeing to buy 11 million lbs of cheese for $20 million to prop up dairy prices for subsidized US dairy farmers
3) Mylan CEO for the EpiPen Controversy & the FDA for blocking quality generic drugs
4) Gary Johnson-

Jason and Eric conclude the show discussing Hillary Clinton.

Sep 3, 2016
Jim Willie: QE & Negative Interest Rates (NIRP) Destroyed Sovereign Bond Markets!

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed returning guest, editor of The Hat Trick Letter at Golden Jackass, Jim Willie.

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Jason asks Jim a number of questions about the global economy, SDR bonds, the upcoming global economic reset, gold and Hillary Clinton including:
1) Why do you think the US Dollar, US Treasury market and global economy are headed for a major crisis in the next 2-3 months?

2) Why do you think China is pushing for a SDR backed bond? Is it because the RMB is about to go into the SDR basket?

3) It seems like Europe is in the middle of a widespread banking system crisis over there. Do you think Deutsche Bank will be nationalized soon and what about the other European banks? Who will bail them out?

4) Jacob Rothschild recently came out in public and said he is very bullish on gold and he's been adding more because of negative interest rates. Why do you think so many billionaires all over the globe are coming out and going on the record warning about the next looming financial crisis, getting out of stocks and bonds and buying gold?

5) Why do you think central banks like the Swiss National Bank and Norway's central bank are loading up on gold and silver stocks?

6) What's the next global economic system going to look like after the reset?

7) Will you be purchasing a Hillary for Prison T Shirt before the November election? (Feel free to go off on a rant about Hillary) hillary-for-prison-ver-3.html

Jim Willie says many countries are looking into going back to gold backed currencies (not just China) and he says the Federal Reserve may be spending $20-50 trillion per month in bailouts for banks already!

Aug 24, 2016
Louis Cammarosano (Smaulgld): Gold & Silver Mining Shares Mania is Coming

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed returning guest, gold and silver expert, former Wall St lawyer and former Silicon Valley executive, Louis Cammarosano of Smaulgld

Louis' bio can be found here:

During this 40+ minute interview, Jason starts off by asking Louis about his views on why the Federal Reserve monitors the Dollar Index so closely?

Louis talks about how the Federal Reserve has been able to keep the Dollar Index strong despite doing QE programs with a lot of careful comments put out in public. Louis thinks the Federal Reserve will only announce its next QE programs if the Dollar Index isn't falling.

Jason and Louis then discuss the global economy and the liquidity injections from a number of central banks.

Next, Jason asks Louis why he thinks there was a paper bear market in gold and silver from 2011 until the end of 2015?

Louis talks about how the East bought massive amounts of physical gold while the paper price continued to fall. Jason asks Louis about negative interest rates playing a major part in the rally for gold and silver and mining shares?

Louis thinks there will be a long mania in gold and silver mining shares going forward. Jason asks if the miners problems with raising capital and potentially shutting down mines ended the bear market in 2015?

Louis doesn't think we are at gold or silver prices where a low of new gold and silver mines will be built and he thinks miners are in a real sweet spot as far as their margins go unless oil prices rise substantially, the miners can't control costs or bring on higher cost production and let their margins slip away or governments increase taxes on miner.

Jason and Louis think miners could have excellent margins for a number of years now unless those things happen.

To wrap up the interview, Jason asks Louis about Alan Greenspan's positive comments on gold and his warnings about how much inflation is already in asset markets and the US' economy.

Jason and Louis also discuss what can end a gold and silver bull market?

Aug 17, 2016
Jeff Brown: China Will Never Report Their Real Holdings of Gold

Wall St for Main St welcome back Jeff Brown, who is the Author of China Rising and he is also an analyst and journalist.

You can buy Jeff's book at or at Amazon.

In this podcast, we looked at the Chinese economy in the aftermath of the stock market collapse last year and how the credit expansion affected the economy. We also examine the U.S. government and mainstream media criticism of China currency manipulation when the U.S. is doing the exact same thing. Hypocrite!

Finally, we look at the current state of the gold and silver demand in China and why Jeff thinks China will never report their real holdings of gold and silver in the vault.

Aug 14, 2016
Charles Ortel: Clinton Foundation & Crooked Hillary in More Trouble

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed returning guest, successful value investor, accounting expert and Clinton Foundation investigator, Charles Ortel

Charles wanted to come back in after his last interview 2 months ago and give listeners an update on his Clinton Foundation investigation and also discuss this article about how the FBI may have a mutiny go investigate the Clinton Foundation

Jason and Charles discuss how come Corrine Brown is facing over 300 years in prison for setting up a fake charity and stealing $800k with charges of wire fraud, mail fraud and solicitation while Hillary Clinton is protected by the DOJ.

Listen as Charles talks about how the Clinton Foundation may now be investigated by many US states, the IRS and foreign governments.

Aug 12, 2016
Welcome to Dystopia Episode 26: US Election = Reality TV Circus Maximus

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St and independent financial journalist and managing editor of The News Doctors, Eric Dubin are back for Episode #26 of Welcome to Dystopia.

Jason and Eric start the show by talking about the correction in gold and silver prices and how well gold and silver shares are holding up. Many gold and silver shares are actually higher lately despite the fall in gold and silver paper prices.

Next, Jason and Eric start discussing the 2016 presidential election a lot because things are in the final stretch as we are only a few months away from the November election.

Jason asks Eric if he has ever seen the establishment go after a candidate like they have Donald Trump?

Jason and Eric discuss how the establishment is targeting Trump to help Hillary Clinton win the election and how the mainstream polls saying Hillary has a double digit lead are most likely manipulated/rigged.

Next, Jason and Eric discuss how government economic data and formulas like GDP and workers wages are being manipulated to try and hide the rot of the real economy. Jason and Eric discuss the aanecdotal evidence that the real economy in the US is getting much worse.

Jason, then asks Eric about the European banking stress tests and the problems with Deutsche Bank

Jason and Eric discuss how much liquidity is being pumped into asset markets and the global economy by central banks and how trillions in global infrastructure projects may be next.

Jason talks about some of the problems at the Rio Olympics and also how Congress wants a large amount of money spent on R&D for the Zika Virus. Is a Zika stimulus spending program in the works?

Scumbag Nominees:
1) Hillary Clinton lapdog George Stephanopolis for attacking the credibility of the Clinton Cash documentary
2) Bernie Sanders, champion of the poor, buys a $600k beach front house when his net worth was around those levels only a few years ago
3) Congresswoman Judy Chu for what looks like becoming a multi millionaire very quickly (while inside Congress) doing day trading (possible insider stock trading)

Aug 12, 2016
Raoul Pal: US Dollar Shortage Causing Many Problems For Global Economy?

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed first time guest, former hedge fund manager, global macro newsletter writer and Co-Founder & CEO of Real Vision TV, Raoul Pal.

Raoul is the former Co-manager of the hedge fund GLG Global Macro Fund which he managed for years after working on Wall Street and in the financial industry for years as well.

He retired from the financial industry at age 36 and started writing a paid newsletter called, The Global Macro Investor

Raoul became upset with the lack of honest, in depth coverage of what's really going on in markets and the global economy by the mainstream financial media so he and co-founder, Grant Williams decided to start Real Vision TV where they traveled around the world interviewing top guests like Kyle Bass, Jim Rogers and Hugh Hendry at length for their insights on the global economy.

During this 30+ minute interview, Jason starts off by asking Raoul the consequences of a strong US Dollar for the global economy?

Raoul talks about how according to the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) there's over $10 trillion in outstanding US Dollar denominated loans and how there's not enough money to pay those loans back.

Jason and Raoul discuss how lower oil and base metal commodity prices helped exacerbate falling currencies in countries like Brazil and Russia.

Aug 7, 2016
Dave Kranzler: Helicopter Money Coming Soon...Everywhere?!

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed returning guest, former Wall St bond trader, gold fund manager, paid newsletter writer and the co-host of the Shadow of Truth podcast, Dave Kranzler.

Dave writes the Short Seller's Journal paid newsletter and also a paid newsletter with gold and silver juniors.

Jason and Dave have an hour+ long discussion covering many topics including:

1) Hillary Clinton's hypocrisy/corruption and her latest speech in Omaha where she promises to increase taxes heavily on the US middle class (with the audience cheering it!)

Jason then asks Dave about the global economy. Jason asks Dave why is the Bank of England suddenly doing a massive new liquidity/QE injection of $100 billion British Pounds immediately for UK banks and then promised to buy $70 billion per month in bonds?

Jason and Dave discuss what will stop these suicidal central bankers from continuing to inject trillions in new liquidity into the global economy per year.

To wrap up the interview/discussion, Jason asks Dave about shorting stocks and also about the bull market restart in gold, silver and precious metal companies.

Dave also shares his experiences using Bitgold/Gold Money.

Aug 4, 2016
Thomas DiLorenzo: USSA? Socialism is Pervasive in the US?

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed first time guest, author, Austrian School Economist and professor of economics at Loyola University Maryland, Thomas DiLorenzo about his new book, The Problem with Socialism.

Thomas' bio:

Thomas' newest book, The Problem With Socialism is available here:

Article previewing Thomas' newest book, The Problem with Socialism:

During this 30+ minute interview, Jason starts off by asking Tom his definition of socialism. Tom talks about how FA Hayek and Mises adapted their definitions of socialism from the textbook definition of owning the means of production to redistribution of wealth and a progressively higher income tax.

Jason, then asks Tom, in his opinion, how pervasive is socialism in the US?

Thomas says it's widespread. Jason asks Thomas if central banking is socialist? Thomas says is it was in the communist manifesto.

Jason and Thomas discuss Democratic socialist countries like: Germany, Canada and Scandinavian countries and how well they are doing economically.

Jason also asks Thomas if millennials are brainwashed to believe in socialism and about Venezuela, whether Keynes was a socialist and also the Marx labor theory of value.

Aug 1, 2016
Ronald Stoeferle: Gold & Gold Stocks Being Bought on All Dips By Big Money

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed returning guest, Managing Director of Incrementum AG, investor, money manager and author of the annual, In Gold We Trust report (which is now in its 10th year), Ronald Stoeferle.

Jason starts off the interview by asking Ronnie why he thinks gold and gold stocks have rallied so strongly since December?

Ronnie talks about negative interest rates and how there's now inflationary expectations increasing in many countries around the globe.

Jason and Ronald discuss the global economy and the havoc central bankers are doing. Jason and Ronnie talk about how central bankers are doing more crazy policy decisions that the Austrian School of Economics says leads to further disaster.

Next, Jason asks Ronnie since he lives and works in Lichtenstein if he has visited large Swiss gold refiners to inquire about their problems of sourcing physical gold in large tonnage orders?

Ronnie says he had indeed visited large Swiss gold refiners recently and the problems sourcing larger orders of physical gold to refine are indeed real.

To wrap up the interview, Jason and Ronnie discuss how to diversify your physical gold and gold stock holdings and how to research gold stocks to avoid common pitfalls or red flags.

Jul 29, 2016
Welcome to Dystopia Episode 25: Global Economic Erectile Dysfunction!

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St and independent financial journalist and managing editor of The News Doctors, Eric Dubin are back for Episode #25 of Welcome to Dystopia.

Jason and Eric talk about gold and silver markets to start the episode off.

Next, Jason and Eric discuss what central banks like the Bank of Japan, European Central Bank (ECB), Federal Reserve and Bank of England are doing and they discuss GEED: Global Economic Erectile Dysfunction and how it's a new medical condition! (JOKE!)

Global Central Banks are now collectively putting in at least $180 billion per month in global QE

Jason and Eric also discuss other important current events including:

1) How Social Security just ran a $6 trillion deficit, no one noticed it and why your social security payroll tax on your paycheck may increase 32% in the near future!

2) A White House Report says how US student loan debt will still help the economy (yea, right!)

The US subprime auto loan bubble and the new Wikileaks stories are also discussed along with the party conventions and Eric picks Donald Trump to win the 2016 presidential race convincingly!

Scumbag Nominees:
1) TSA for assaulting a 19 year old partially deaf and disabled cancer patient and for enormous misconduct and corruption!

2) VA spends $20 million on artwork instead of hiring more doctors to help veterans

3) Facebook for blocking stories about the DNC emails on Wikileaks or other websites covering the story Wikileaks broke.

Jul 29, 2016
Fabian Calvo: Indebted Students Will Get A Mortgage To Fuel Housing Bubble

Wall St for Main St welcome back Fabian Calvo, who is the Editor of Fabian is a libertarian entrepreneur and real estate investor.

To find out more about Fabian's work, go to

In this podcast, we discussed the aftermath of Brexit and the implication it will have on the U.K. We also talked about the sotck market making all time high and why there isn't any sense of optimism from a lot of investors. After all, the PE ratio valuation is higher than it was during the tech bubble! Finally, we addressed the state of the precious metals and real estate market. Fabian expects the government and Wall St to get creative in keeping the housing bubble inflated by tricking the indebted first time home buyers with special mortgage programs.

Jul 25, 2016
Chris Martenson: Confidence in Many Complex Systems Collapsing

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed returning guest, former corporate executive and phD scientist, Dr. Chris Martenson

Chris co-created The Crash Course and Peak Prosperity website with Adam Taggart and they also co-authored their new book, Prosper!: How to Prepare for the Future and Create a World Worth Inheriting in November 2015

Since he quit his corporate job over a decade ago, Chris has since become an expert on many topics.

During this 40+ minute interview, Jason and Chris have a wide ranging discussion on a number of topics including:

1) Why he thinks gold and gold stocks have rallied so strongly since December 2015?

2) Are mainstream money managers losing all remaining confidence in the Federal Reserve and other central banks?

3) Will the stock market crash if obvious daily stock market manipulations are occurring?

4) Why haven't more shale oil companies gone bankrupt when the oil price went below $40/barrel WTI?

5) Will new technology from Silicon Valley be able to drastically reduce the usage of oil around the globe in only a decade?

6) Why isn't there more clean water available?

7) Many experts cite the Simon–Ehrlich wager from 1980 to 1990 as justifying that over the long term all commodity prices have to fall. But, despite what economic textbooks say should be happening, things have drastically changed since China joined the WTO and commodity prices are nearly all in long term uptrends and the cost of production for many commodities rises 10% or more yearly. What type of real world limits are there preventing commodity prices from declining over the long term that maybe was not seen or not available when this bet was made?

Jul 22, 2016
Catherine Austin Fitts: Why Privacy is Over & Taxes Set to Increase

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed first time guest, former Wall Street investment banker, macroeconomic expert and publisher of The Solari Report, Catherine Austin Fitts.

Catherine's bio can be found here:

During this 35+ minute interview, Jason starts off by asking Catherine how she thinks China will deal with the debt problems the country has with its state owned banks and municipalities?

Catherine thinks China will try to address its debt problems by a combination of growing its way out of its problems and also by printing a lot of RMB and then exporting them outside the country like how the US has done for decades with exporting massive amounts of Dollars.

Jason and Catherine discuss China copying the US in a number of ways including militarily.

Next, Jason asks Catherine about global financial repression from all the world's major economies and how economies like Japan, US, UK, EU and China are attempting to manipulate interest rates lower while also manipulating their foreign exchange rates.

Jason also asks where negative interest rate policy (NIRP), a cashless society and the US' war on cash fit into this?

Catherine talks about how governments are working together more to coordinate policy decisions. It sounds like the US is willing to relinquish some control in exchange for a one world government type setup.

Jason then asks Catherine about her January 2016 issue of The Solar Report where she talks about investing in space industry companies and the plans the central planners have for colonizing Mars and space travel.

Catherine thinks this is one of the primary reasons for setting up one world government.

Next, Jason asks Catherine if it will be a minor miracle if the major US stock market indexes don't crash before the November 2016 elections? Catherine talks about how every market is manipulated now.

Jason then asks Catherine about why Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are becoming so popular on Main St, USA?

Catherine says Americans realized they are being destroy with inflation (currency debasement), taxes and their privacy, rights and civil liberties are being stolen.

Jason also asks Catherine where value in markets is for investors right now. Catherine says hard assets like real estate and precious metals will offer people the best inflation protection. She also says stocks may do well.

To wrap up the interview, Jason asks Cathering if the emergency Federal Reserve meeting with President Obama was due to an imminent bank failure and also possible positive solutions for people on Main St to deal with the wave of increasing inflation, taxes and loss of privacy that things like NIRP and a cashless society are predicting are coming and probably on going to get worse.

Jul 22, 2016
Jim Puplava: Stocks Won't Crash? Negative Interest Rates Very Good for Gold & Gold Stocks

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed first time guest, Jim Puplava, CFP. Jim is a Certified Financial Planner, he is the Founder & President of the Puplava Financial Group of Companies, and he's host of the popular Financial Sense Newshour show since 1987!

Jim's firm manages around $400 million of client money.

Jim's full bio can be found here:

During this 30+ minute interview, Jason starts off by asking Jim why he thinks gold & gold stocks have rebounded so much since December?

Jim talks about negative interest rates and how it is very good, in his opinion, for gold and gold stocks.

Jason and Jim discuss the gold market further including how the market is so small that money managers moving into gold can cause big moves in a short amount of time.

Next, Jason asks Jim about the state of the global economy. Jim talks about how the global economy is slowing down and he expects the US to enter into a recession soon with official US government economic statistics.

Jason then asks Jim what, in his opinion, the US shale oil boom has done to peak oil? (since Jim has read hundreds of books about the oil market and interviewed many dozens of experts).

Jason and Jim discuss the global economy further including the European banking crisis, whether China will need to bailout their state owned banks or state municipalities and whether the stock market will crash?

Jim thinks financial repression and NIRP is forcing people looking for income into stocks and that's preventing stocks from crashing. Jim Doesn't expect the stock market to crash in the next 6-12 months unless something major happens.

Jason and Jim also discuss how government is making many problems worse in society and the economy, especially his home state of California.

Jul 16, 2016
David Jensen: LBMA Running Out of Physical Gold & Silver?

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed returning guest, precious metals expert & paid consultant for the gold & silver mining industry, David Jensen. David is also a follower of Austrian School Economics.

Before they discuss David's newest article, Jason first asks David about his opinion of the global economy through his Austrian School lens. David and Jason talk about the problems with Keynesian Economics and how Keynesianism and Monetarism have created enormous debt and economic problems the global economy can next longer handle.

Next, Jason asks David to discuss his newest article, which is available here:

Jason and David discuss gold and silver manipulation and the state of the gold and silver mining industry.

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